Stay For Good

A Charitable Giving Program by Carolina Mornings Vacation Program

Carolina Mornings is committed to giving back to our communities both near and far! We have created our "Stay For Good!" program to help us meet our goal of being responsible citizens through the success of our business.
Each year, Carolina Mornings will donate a small portion from every reservation that stayed with us. These donations are provided quarterly and are split between three charitable causes. Best of all, our loyal guests get to vote for which of the three charities they would most like to support!
What does this mean? 

We believe that a vacation in the mountains can be more than a gathering of loved ones - it can be a powerful way to give back to the surrounding community, and we've found that our guests feel the same way. The Stay For Good program was developed to create meaningful and positive differences on a national level, a state level, and a local, Western North Carolina level. When you stay with Carolina Mornings, you can rest easy knowing that not only will you experience the best version of your mountain vacation, but you will be directly and positively impacting the folks around you... and that's a great thing!

How can I participate?
Twice a year, every short-term vacation guest who stayed with us during the current period will receive an email inviting them to vote via an online survey. After all of the votes are tallied, the total donation amount for that quarter will be divided (according to the vote percentages) between the three organizations. Guests will receive a follow-up email after the donations have been made sharing the success for each of the organizations.

We are proud to be able to offer this program and to give back to our local and global community! We invite you to continue Staying For Good with Carolina Mornings, to help us change the world one night at a time.

Carolina Mornings Has Donated $5,364.25 to Charity!
With the help of our guests, Carolina Mornings donated a total of $5,364.25 split between three charities - The ALS Association, United Service Organizations, and Homeward Bound. Knowing that we were able to impact communities around the country with the Stay for Good Program means the world to us, our guests, and our homeowners. We're so excited to watch this program grow, and we know you are too. Together, we can make this a year of giving and a year of thriving!

Please note that we appreciate suggestions for charitable giving organizations to be considered for this program. However, only suggestions from participating guests during the voting process will be accepted for consideration. We receive many suggestions, and we carefully review and research each one to determine the organizations featured in the program. There are so many critical needs in the world that it is difficult to narrow it down to just three.
Periods are counted beginning from January 1st to June 30th and July 1st to December 31st. Stays are counted by the date of departure, so a guest checking in June 30th and departing July 2nd would be placed in the July 1st to December 31st period.
The total amount donated reflects the life of the program through the end of 2017.
All records of this program are maintained in our downtown Asheville office location.